10 hotels above the dairy

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Belfast country is
a 4-star hotel in 10 to 15 minutes outside Darriott on the Belfast country on The Daily Road. This wonderful Irish is quite out of the city to benefit from rural areas, but it is very close to reaching out to the drug facilities (to provide you with a transport). In both its appearance and the heat and the atmosphere, there is a home and a look at the house's house. Belfast country is opposite the central city center. Rather, this is far from a home house. Rooms are well-appointed and modern and have a selection of dining options, including beds and restaurants. There is also a popular choice for weddings and business functions. However, the important thing is that how visitors see the country of the country. The answer to this question is very high - 97 percent of the visitors' rate is considered as "best" or "very good".

Everglades Hotel
The Everglades Hotel is a four-star hotel rating of 82% of the highest guest rating. It is located in the flexible environment to ignore the river Foyle in just one place outside the city center. That's why it's cool because it's light and light away from Dairy. However, taxi at the city center will cost only a few pounds. The Everglades Hotel's bedrooms are comfortable and four-star UK hotels have all the amenities. Evergreen lounge, bars and lobby areas are also very comfortable. The food is served in the bar, but you can also choose a meal at the superb restaurant which is a favorite of many dairy locals. There is also a restaurant where you will serve breakfast. Many choices are available, but look for traditional Irish options, including cream and including picnic with Irish vaccine, the best way to start your day.

City Hotel
The city hotel is located in the heart of the city center. This river is on foliage and has wonderful views on the famous bridges of the river and Dairy. On the occasion, some tourists' interest is also within a few minutes from shops and restaurants. And although it occupies the city center, it still has enough parking. While everything is near to offer Derry, it's not really necessary to leave the hotel. Thomson's restaurant is an excellent place for cooking and the hotel's bar is ideal for just sitting and relaxing. City Hotel is a four-star resort with approximately 150 rooms and suites, high rooms and standard rooms. Four passenger rates three out of town city "best" or "very good". Finally, City Hotel has a fitness suite which includes swimming pools, jacuzzi and gym.

Waterfall Hotel
The Waterfront Hotel is a stylish three-star hotel in the suburbs of Drery. It lies near the Bridge Bridge, on the edge of the river Foyle, on the city's widespread. The views on the river are beautiful and the location itself is quiet and peaceful. However, it is not far from the city center, either runs a small drive on the road bridge or 25-30 minutes on a new and affected peace factory. Drery Airport is only 5 to 10 minutes from the city car. Three out of two passengers are referred to as "Best" or "Great" at the Waterfront Hotel. Repeats almost every restaurant every time - both are stunning. WiFi is available throughout the hotel and has plenty of car parking. The rooms are well-appointed with flat-screen television, pants press and tea / coffee making facilities like amenities.

Travelodge Derry
Travelodge Derry is a budget hotel that offers great value for money. The center of this city center is ideal for those who need to live in a desert, but they want to do so at affordable prices. The train station runs 10 to 15 minutes by the new peace bridge. Drery bus station is also a short drive away, such as drug facilities, tourist attractions like Derriver Wales. Nearby restaurants, bars, cafés and shops are nearby. Twins and double rooms are basic, but are clean and comfortable. Everyone has a television and coffee maker. Travelodge Derry is once and is available throughout WiFi. There is no parking on the site so that if you are taking a car, you must park in a nearby public car park. While Travelogue Dairy will not appeal to all the passengers, its low cost and simple but clean facilities will be the best choice for many.

The Bible Hill House House Hotel
is a beautiful country hotel in the suburbs of Heil Country House Hotel. It is a favorite of the locals and hosts many of the drury couple on weddings. It is a magnificent Georgian building which is set up in the rolling lawn and gardens. Although it's only 2 miles from the city center, it has a feeling of rural areas. About 80 percent of the Bible's guests offer Hill Hill House Hotel as "stunning" or "very good". Leo is included in a range of facilities at the site