10 Tips for Hotel Accommodation in New York City

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The library is 'literati' more than the hotel 'glitterati': more private clubs than hotels. Each of the ten mail guests is dedicated to one of the ten major types of Goddess deck systems: social science, literature, languages, history, mathematics and science, general knowledge, technology, philosophy, art and religion. Each of the holiday rooms is individually designed, with a set of art and books related to the subject matter related to it. Guests can request their own room based on their personal interests. The author of the author is the best place to relax and absorb this culture, and the shiny greenhouse, Garden Garden, this culture.


The American Film Institute's Hotel Video Library access 100 hotels at the top of the hotel - a wine and cheese on Monday to Saturday - magical nights for nighttime players bookmarks on the 14th floors Wait for the lounge, which serves a signature. Cocktail like great gatsby and capet.

New York Software in Manhattan area

Contemporary 30 stories represent New York, French art living through its decoration. The old works of Old Paris and New York are filling this place. French french, Gabi Restaurant also serves traditional French fare and is also designed by the staff's uniform's famous designer Jean Charles D. Costelbabaj. Guests of the hotel will enjoy the evening transmission service, including green water and fresh cut roses. The art deck room is the perfect place for a while, as well as the walls of the wide collection of contemporary art. Two 20 stories in the design of the hotel award winning wings, a 30 story boundary surrounded by a curved tower, ignores the chronological building and the Empire Empire.


Do not miss New York without french cooking, with Asian influences, serving in Art Deco Encourage, Gabrielle Restaurant - The Petet Badge Gift Shop is a wonderful apartment with items imported from France.

Hudson Hotel in the area of ​​Midtown

Hudson Hotel Hoteler is a new offer from the extraordinary outfit, Ian Schöcker. This is a hippest hotel on the block with wonderful views of the Hudson River. The designer, Philip Stark, has created a wonderful world, where unmatched designs dance with dancing in a perfect combination of light, sound and shape. There is an exhibition kitchen restaurant, a lobby bar, and a terrace bar, indoor / outdoor event space, and 18,000 of a business center, with a ceiling of billiards, indoor and outdoor private parks and a famous painter Francesco Clement. Square feet The design was inspired by sea travel romance and a private cabin setting on an advanced HH. Wave magazine has described the hotel as "screen-conditioned, exquisite design and elegant".

Hudson Sky Terrace situated on the 15 floors is a rooftop terrace on a large private ground where you can enjoy views of the cocks and the wide city and the Hudson river. For the pleasure of your sleep, Hudson's beds have Egyptian cotton sheets with 300 threads.

Dream Hotel in the Mid Town area

The Dream Hotel in New York was opened by the Social White Hitler Vikram Chatal in 2004. This decoration also includes copper statue of the Catherine Great copper statue, Neptune and Madonna. Hewitt couture meets the Alice in the 'serious' as the design is described as the theme. It is the latest technology and three lounges in the luxury playground, each of which offers its joy: The seafood lounge with a laboratory with alcoholic, aperture and lobby bar, the architectural mark zoo and o A well-known place designed by VA, with the film star A Guardian Dream Hotel's paint house lounge, offers fantastic views of Cocktail and Time Square.


The Choprara Center, which is dedicated to the Eurovide, is an ancient Indian healing science situated on the ground by the founder of the founder Deppipura. A glass lift specializes in hospitals around the world - an opportunity to eat all the North-Italy foods is designed by the Rockwell Group in the Fellian Encourage Restaurant, Serena.


rooms luxurious lifestyle hotels by 60 Thamson Famous Designer, Thomas in Soho District
O'Brien is a favorite with the modern city scene. The breathing ceiling "members" lounge, and katectichi restaurants have completed 60 Thamson's modern and chronic seriousness. This luxury hotel has returned from the streets behind the Birch Tree courtyard. Interior features are pictures from Laura Ren and a ceiling garden with a 360-degree view of the Manhattan screen line. This hotel was selected as "one of the world's most hotels in the world", the most popular traveler and leisure week named "This Hotel" for the elite elite.