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One of the most pleasant times in my life was in London. There (during 1996 - 2003), I repeatedly watched many hotels because some of the smartest bars and the best restaurants are located in them. It was a great fun and now when I come back for a visit, I know where to live - Chelsea Hotel London!

One of my favorite phrases used in London is "Smart Casual". Nothing can be understood. London hotels have always enjoyed a comfortable and modern state and today it is not the least truth. But to choose where to stay, with over 70 to three star hotel rooms. Travel costs are available, which will be told to you about the various areas of London and will be based on the location of tourist places - with your budget in your local budget. It's not that I'll tell you about this article. Instead. In reviewing this London hotel, I want to tell you about smart comfortable hotels - where you are going to find a good meal - a wonderful cocktail - beautiful accommodation and service - and possibly something The deal is also going on in business!

Smart comfortable sets almost everyone lives in Chelsea or South Kensington. There are some exceptions. For example, you will find a suitable area in Knightsbridge or Notting Hill. Belivia is a treasure for some serious expensive homes, while Palimico is a pleasant diverse. There is also one of the Americans in the Holland Park area. Basically however, everything moves around the Chelsea set. One can stay out of those areas, but if you want to meet, there's nothing like there! In mind with this, here is my first series in my Chelsea Hotel London!

Draycott Hotel 26 Cadogan Gardens London SW3 2RP

Dracotype is really a mini If you like the traditional British 19th century, it's for you. Room and decoration Novelty Victoria is true during England. Authentic ancient things mix well with contemporary amenities. Hotel is close to Sloven Square and King Road. Congratulations from the squares around London and the Cordon Gardens have no exception. The rooms are nice and comfortable and the suites are also their own kitchens. If you get a room at the back of the house, there will be a wonderful idea about ignoring your gardens. For us, you will be glad to know that this is a fully air conditioner (and not in many old hotels in London!). In winter, fire extinguishers are equipped with gas and are fully operational. Talk about the environment! The 5 5 star hotel, Dracotype received the overall satisfaction of 5.0.

Wandham London Chelsea Harbor London SW10 0XG Wonderful

Grand is a beautiful hotel and if you want to live on the river (Thames-announced Tolo), and still a Chelsea hotel in London, this is for you. But be sure exactly where you want to stay because Chelsea Harbor is away from the removal route. The close stop is not close. You will have to trust the tax or public bus service (C3 bus runs between Abral Court Tube and Kampam J. through every minute. 11 and 22 buses run by Shah Shah from Sailan Square and west end every 7 minutes You can get on the bus bus road bus road). The hotel will also provide transportation and arrange a river taxi.

On the positive side, however, Chelsea Harbor is a beautiful place in itself. You can sit and chop on a cocktail and watch the jobs inside and out (when the inside of the wave - Thomas is a private river) or stumbling with the banks of the river. The Chelsea also hostes the Harbor Design Design Center, which is a combination of interior decoration equipment and service offices and showrooms. There are also cafés and restaurants on the site and a fitness club. Wonderm Grand is a suite, five star hotel. The service and accommodation are the first class and there is a great selection for business in the city (instead of "City") or organizing conferences. He has the first rate conference center with audio visual conferencing at two levels. They are near Earls Court and the main exhibition centers in the Olympia.

Black London 33 Rolland Gardens London SW7 3 PF

All of my favorite time is favorite. It is located in the heart of Chelsea between the Fulham and the old Burminton road. In fact, it is surrounded by Victoria - now the most converted flat. It intends to be in every center. South Kensington and Glucose Road (clear words) tube stops are running away and taxes are too high. There are excellent restaurants and shops everywhere.