Havana Hotel - Found in the Past and the Future

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Mood, tradition, comfort and attention are such qualities that I think of the Hanaan Hotel, where modernity and old fashion buildings mix happily.

While deciding your destination for Cuba for your holiday, make sure the capital of Cuba appears above your list. This ancient city has passed time with a special focus. In this historic center, UNESCO announced the World Heritage in 1982, and it is a place that has protected all the appeal of its resignation.

In this part of the city, accommodation consisting of fine residential and conservative Havana hotels, where magic of colonial architecture and great atmosphere makes you unparalleled.

In Old Havana you can find traditional and fictional hotels like Santa Iselel, Park Center, Suratga, Tegraphio, Amboos Mandos, Kandy de Valencio and Palacio Magol.

Santa Isabel Hotel has presented a colonial flame of wonderful beauty, which has always seduced passengers. Stunning rooms decorated with 19th century style, a beautiful restaurant and stylish central gourmet (a very pleasant place for a lunch) are some of the appeal motivating facilities. The focus is seen in this hotel, where one of the best artists of Cuba's unique master and original work follow the walls.

On the heart of Old Hana, the hotel has an excellent location in which it is placed in the Art Square. You can enjoy a beautiful view from this magnificent spectacular terrace, decorated with beautiful stained glass and appreciate the memories of the Hanah, Bay, the temporary castle of the city, which is Jesus Christ, La Gulalelella (city museum) and the Palaceo Forcibly appreciate the statue. Las Captains General Santa Isabel Hotel is a small but exclusive hotel with an intriguing atmosphere for couples and bees.

On the other hand, if you have a lamp at Park Central Hotel, you will get a great deal of experience at the global level. It is a prestigious and luxurious 5-star hotel, which includes Spanish colonial styles with ultimate modern services and facilities. This selection has more than one hotel's magnificent location, surrounded by numerous famous buildings, such as Capital and Garcia Lorca Theater, is famous for Belle's best offers. Havana's weapons, arts squares, shops, museums and others are within minutes of walking. And if you get out of the hotel, you will get a display of heavy antique cars and beautiful cars from the street-run "Coco tax".

But I love the Park Central Hotel as much as the ceiling pool, where you have fantastic views of the Caribbean Sea and Old Havana, including extraordinary views of Central Park and Prado Pyramid. You can also refresh yourself with a few drinks or catch a breakfast on the terrace / restaurant, surrounded by a tropical garden and located on the top floor. It's a comfortable place.

On the other hand, the Old Hana Hotel Hotel Sartanga Hotel, which was ranked in 2006 with a hot list of 60 best hotels in the world. It is a stylish building with which the Navy-shaped / environmental flame is designed specifically for those who want to find the city's cultural and historical attention. Internally, simple, wide, elegant and comfortable, designed by European consultants, combined with traditional amenities, combined with optimal amenities to ensure comfortable comfort for guests.

There is a privilege in front of the Capital Building and the Fraternity Park in Suratga Hotel, so someone has an amazing view of the great partag├ís cigarette factory and the principal opera house of Cuba, the Great Theater of Cuba. In addition, it is famous for a frequent tour of famous celebrities of the island's cultural and social life.

Telegrafo Hotel is another wonderful example of hotels in Hanaa, which has combined innovative design with innovative style. By ignoring the central park, it is a authentic and luxury hotel that comes back with us which reminds us of the hotel paragraph during the XIX century. Its collective fake has modernized a contemporary style, which exits blue. As well as a beautiful and large ceramic wall in the form of a cologne, Halloween is showing elements of colonial architecture. Fantastic patent with fountain and old edges around it is just a perfect break for a lunch break.

But if you follow the old age after Ernst Haimingway, you should go to the Ambous Mandus Hotel. Here you can meet the famous novelist's room, which has moved to her permanent residence since day. During his stay, at the beginning of 1930, he wrote the first chapter of his novel "For the Belize Tool", because he believed it was a good place to write.