Hotel Salella in Old Havana

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Did you think about sleeping in a room where Al Qaeda Captain slept or where, then a few minutes later, did the other mafia's role, like the Santo Traffic? Or once in a single room, Joseph Bakker is used by Amario Argentine and Liberty Lamark? ¿Lola Florors, Tongolul, Tin Tian, ​​Perez Purdo? Hugo del Carl ¿or George Negro? Pantter David Alfalfo Saccessor and Chess Icon Jose Rawalpindi ...?

All of these possibilities are located in the Sailila Hotel, one of the oldest hotels in Cuba. This is where a "human in our human being" is part of the story, one of Graham Green's famous novels. Anyone who was the guest of this hotel. So Georges Simonon, Inspector of the Famous Personality Inspector Maggar, and Ernst Haiming were creators of Literature novel. The Enrico Carrassa and Robin three were living in the hotel on their way through Havana, such as Mary Penford, on which the hotel dedicated a cocktail, which is still a sign of the institution.

Thanks to the famous facilities, using its facilities, is a hotel with a slavery. He and he already completed 100 years of service. It was the first luxury hotel in the island, and today, four star-type hotels due to its rest and its improvement, this still in the choice of favorite hotels for a pleasant holiday in Cuba. Is ranked This elegant architecture contributes to its priorities, which uses the gate of the Pto de la Loon in Alberta, along with the promotion of Arcas, Columns and Mosques in Grana, Andlandoisia. And its best place, after Poseau del Prado and a few meters from the Malacon of Havana, at the historic center of the historic center, and the famous museum and a great bar and a few stages in Cuba.

Hotel Salella in Old Havana. The hotel passed through its foundations several steps. Sevilla Hotel was inaugurated in 1908. If you get a glimpse of the image of its main face, you can feel that its real owner was a Spanish man with a Gonzész name. This person later sold a US company to the hotel, which he sold it to the US Capital Bettermo Company. Americans always know how to make the most profitable business, and to try tourism development in the island of the second century, they have tried to promote their facilities.

He built a 10-story building with a hotel Hotel Plaza with its face of Pizzo del Pedro. First of all, it was to accommodate a hospital in this building, but it was never opened because owners from the city hall of the Hall, declared an area as a quiet area, in obtaining an essential status for establishing a medical institution. Had difficulties. The American company then joined the hotel in the new building and reopened as the Sevilla Blater Hotel in 1924. For this reason, even today, there are two styles in the hotel's creative aspect, an attractive old style which can be seen on the street Trocadero, and is a modern modern who sees Paseo del Prado.

The hotel enjoyed tourism boom at the time, as we said in the first article, it was supported by national and international conditions, in which the hotel plaza hired another hotel in Havana at this time. Benefited because their owners hipopodom and national casino.

Cuban was a paradise for exposing his fate in the gambling and bouting, for the prime minister interested in a fun and fun, but according to the time passengers, some of the features of Cuban idiosyncrasy could be the tourist boom Are there In a book related to our "tourist places": "When there is a time to play in Cuba" (A La Hôtel de Cocht an Cuba), its author Basalone made these freedoms for potential travelers: "You can drink All you want is, try your fortune in the lottery and lose what you think it's fairly fit. There is no need to get a wedding certificate in Hannah if a traveler and a visitor is beautiful. Cuban women might be anxious looking at Cuba is a definition and not a crime. "

In 1939, the Sailila Hotel Italy Bitteie, the Yugulist of Italian-born, was the head of one of the four families of the Hanifa Mafia Empire. They converted the hotel from Havana's gambling till pillow until 1956.

In the same year, with the success of a revolutionary movement in January, Don Emily, who controlled heroin's traffic in the US, left her hotel on the day of resurrection at the Embassy of Uruguay. Many big suits filled with money as their goods. Then, Sililla Hotel was used for local tourism until 1989, when it closed its doors for a large repair, opening it again in 1993, which always featured it.