How to design your hotel selling rack card?

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Rack Card is the best friend of every hotel. A simple and cheap 4 "x 9" rack card can tell you great stories of your hotel in both pictures and words. Even better, because it's so economical, a rack card can be distributed to many potential guests without a bank. Finally, the rack card is fit in a standard number 10 envelope for easy mailing and, because they are printed on a thick, shiny paper, which is good and straight in a display rack.

The concept of rack card is great, but how can you get your card out of competition? Here are some design ideas.

If you are branded (flag) hotels, your national brand has very strict design instructions. Their templates for rack cards include topics, types of styles and sizes and photo space. For those reasons, it is very important to follow these templates.

Your brand has spent millions of dollars in developing corporate identities. This way the public recognizes your hotel brand. By taking things that are special about your hotel property and keeping them in a nationally recognized form, you increase your acceptance and ability.

A rack card and other materials that are not ready to describe brand identity designs, you can get a standard price inspection point of interest.

o Use the templates for rack card to reduce your cost, because no new design is required.

Exotic hotels are not limited to brand brand specifications and rock card templates, but your hotel rack rack card is not your place of wildlife to your designer.

Notice Branded Rack Rack The front side emphasizes two things - hotel name and location, and pictures showing property. Each rack card design is designed to easily cover the front cover. This work is to make the first impression first and encourage people to encourage them to read on the back!

There are some ways to do this sales. Branded or free, the property of the hotel must be in an important place on the rack card. The city and the state is a little smaller, but close and easy to read. Save the street address for the back. Type of style is easy to bold with your hotel name and location to read a serif font.

Now when the readers have mixed your hotel in an area that is part of their travel plan, the actual sale starts. Here's where to make good pictures or break your hotel rack card. Images make visual photos of your hotel in the mind of their readers. Your task is to prepare a hotel rack card that creates a positive and welcome picture. A great way to do this is to keep your hotel Rack Rack photos. One of my favorite hotels has a guest guest check. Smile front desk representation makes it an excellent welcome picture. Now, what pictures should you use for your rack card? Bus, that will showcase your hotel in the best prohibited manner and attract the guest type, which matches the property demographics of your hotel. If you want to sell your swimming pool, you can enjoy a pool using a picture of a family house. How about a restaurant cooking smile in the restaurant?

The "Head of Beds" is the hotel mantra. Show your hotel guest room, but design your hotel rack card to add one or more scenarios.

A business person works on top of the computer (sells to his internet). Happy couple or family enjoying the hotel room. Other options are a person who has a cup of coffee and credible paper or a unique piece of furniture such as business class table or armor. If external outside the hotel, try to join the car to get out of the guest, with luggage, ready to check. Choose photos that emphasize the positive and strength of the hotel. To see some examples of seller pictures, go to the section to increase our image.

Well, good idea, you say, but where do I get pictures of these great hotels? A professional photographer is the best way to experience hotel photos. Price photographers have the ability to accurately light their subjects. It's not easy. I have worked with good photographer who can take an hour or take a shot correctly. If a photographer does not have proper lighting equipment, find someone else. A good professional photographer is not free, but is worth spending.

If a professional for your rack card budget is very expensive, you can do it for free. Consider taking pictures of yourself or looking together with photography skills. New digital cameras get great photos and today's software programs can increase light and speed and even yellow lines can be taken out of your parking. If you do so, make sure your rack card printer will increase your photos, for free, make sure you look great on your rack card. They will find someone else if they increase the photos you submit or do not crop. This is not a place to save money on your hotel rack car