Inner Treasures in Cuba Hotel

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"This is just a man capable of man, which he is written with his own work"

Jose Martie

was more interested in the passenger who is an artist and is living with his own own art paragraph instead of living in hotels. As a hungry through several Cuba hotels, the beautiful art floods the eyes with their greatness and integrity.

Nacional de Cuba is a well-known hotel, which protects architectural and decorative greatness, which has arrested its colleagues for more than seven decades. Announced "National Memorandum" to announce its population in 1988, it includes 426 rooms, amazing pools and modern conveniences, this hotel shows some great value including an oil renovation by Enrique Domingo Ramos. Is.

The property is loaded with columns and arcis that show artificial singles and single-cylindrical designs with Art Deco. Some rooms are still the original floor, bed frames and furniture that are in 1930. Actually there is a historic destination where many celebrities left their presence, such as A Guardian, Johnny Weissler and Bol de Navy.

When "Al Waddo" roots around the 23-l arm corner in the district, there is always a art work that catches attention. This is a fantastic wall painting by Amelia Packel on the face of Cannon Habana Libre Hotel (former Havana Hilton). In the Phase Fiction, these facilities include a wide range of contemporary Cuba art in houses, a statue of church lawn, lobby and paintings, such as renowned artists such as Ren Puerto Rico, Mariano Rodriguez, Sérudo Cabra, and Alfredo Sousabero.

Since 2007, this modern hotel has included a wall of panels by the artists of the "Somos-La-Pole Life Project", which is a beautiful fesco, which was placed in the lobby. He performed artists as Nelson Domingues, Lane and Le Domingues Fung, Steven, and Alberto Lilleva, Ever Phonica, Ernesto Garcia Piana, Adordo Roka, Juan Norra, Joyce Norra, Elias Leal, Javier Guerrera, Sanderson Gonzés, Manuelova Comes. , Hermenio Escalona, ​​Vicente R Bonachea, Cake Wong, Enrique de la Usé, Raleigh Perez Alonso, Eduardo Abella and Mayito Gonzalez.

In Hana's hotels, Habana Ravera also works valuable for art. Located near the Hunen Sea's wall (Nucon), this hotel's Hotel Hotel is a wonderful building structure. Great Florencio Gelabert was sculptured and sculptured by Domeo, and was also the interior wall painting by Lopez Dirube, Witch lives as the artistic heritage of the hotel.

Maliya Kohha iba Hotel has also worked with Cuba's best contemporary artists. This luxury facility is recognized for its prestigious decoration, including the famous Painter Flora Phong, Lopez Olive and Zeddie del Rio.

If you find an environment of stability in your Cuban Hotel's choice, Old Hana Hotel is fine that claims a classic environment and a rich cultural heritage. In this Cuban floor, art lovers are able to enjoy charming populations, colonial and excellent architecture and fusion of diverse styles of its buildings.

Seella Hotel is one of the residences that has preserved a valuable artistic heritage. Historically interested guests will be happy at this facility, because it is one of the oldest hotels in Haiti (this has been built in March of March 2008), its large, wide lobby and classic layout in the rooms. Is featured.

This traditional and classical property really shows in the Spanish environment, which can be appreciated by hotel because the hotel has various architectural and decorative elements of the remarkable Medar's influence. The passenger will notice it immediately after catching a glimpse of his complex face. The image of "Aldan" from the jacuzzi statue and Ramos Marenazz has some of the artistic features of the hotel.

On the other hand, the English Quarter, which opens in 1875, is one of the city's most ancient hotels and is a good example of hotels in Cuba, which is linked to art arts. Due to its safety, the relationship with history and national culture, was announced in the 1981 English National Monument. Passengers will need a part of Cuba's heritage within this facility.

You will be interested in various architectural styles and design competitions. The building has a beautiful occupational fake while the interior decoration stabilizes during a stabilization tour. In the vacant spaces, this city and its peak trend is confirmed with gorgeous stained glass windows, colorful mosaics, Spanish heroes, window girls, and lavish jewelery roofs. There is also an elegant statue called "La Salvador", which is a symbol of Spanish woman Dancer and collective wall paintings. Plus, if you stay there, you know that Cuban's artists have designed every 3-month menu of this hotel.