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The resort is one of the oldest enterprises in this world. People around it have started traveling from one place to another for trade and other purposes. It was needed at the time (rest and shelter during long travel) soon turned into an industry that offered comfort, convenience, even luxury to its boards. For example, the Greeks made a thermal bath which allowed their guests to relax and relax. The Romans built the construction of palaces for passengers, while caravanassresses with China's famous Silk Road offered China to China, not just men but also their animals.

In the 21st Century, the hotels have developed in a pleasant business, which has become an incredible part of the travel industry. Features the characteristics of the naked bare young hosts with the characteristics of the styles, and the extent of the most hosted haven resorts in foreign countries around the country.

However, as competition occurred and the hotels started offering standard services in China, the market needed a modern thing. People tired of extraordinary services are moving towards smaller hotels who offer personal attention and unique experiences.

And that's why the guest industry shop - Botak Hotel was born. Today, they are the most wanted after casual travelers and specialty final names. Most people choose to live in the botch hotels, because they are always always a good time to guarantee and get a great value for their money.

He enjoys popularity, it boasts great booth hotels in the exciting history and appreciates their evolution over time.

Shop Hotel Date

Initially appeared in the hotel's early shops in the early 1980s, the first of which is the first blueprint hotel in San Francisco, Band Fordfass, in two South Kensington, London, and Union Square. The 'Botak Hotel' term, though, was published many in 1984, according to Steve Robel. In his small shop, in demand of his stay of the Moragens Hotel, clearly demanded his exposure to highlight his property and separated it from other hotels in which agriculture was stored everywhere.

Do not say that the shop hotel is a modern invention. Many documentary documents of similar back-to-day experiences in the 13th century are available when visitors to Mongolia and China will be set up.

Here are a few examples of hotels in a variety of shops that were popular in days.

In 1705, Seser R. It opened a shop hotel in Place Vermom, which praised them with King Edward VII, who called them "King of Kings of Hotel Hotels and Hotels."
In 1822, Ventist Artist Jumppe Robo replaced an old castle into a beautiful hotel and called it "El Robo".
In 1880, the entire hotel in Lake George (State of New York) became the first to become the electricity supplier in all of its guest rooms, in those days, no less lightweight among visitors.
In 1900, Edward Anmermanes, known as 'Masonry's Palace', changed the Emperor Napoleon III summer's residence - Villa "Agnnne - in a beautiful and eighth hotel."
In 1919, Barcelona has one The stylish hotel is opened, which is equipped with hot and cold water in its bathrooms.
As you can see, there are many opportunities in the history of the establishment of the industry when the hotels applied the creativity and before offering the highest offer services to compete and offer extraordinary opportunities for their visitors. Are there
21st Century Shop Hotel - The characteristics of the

'Botak Hotel' are used today to define the features that small organizations should be described with about 150 rooms. They are part of private property or a small group of hotels, and these are famous for the best known, memorable and, times, beautiful design themes. The Hotel Air Schrager and the French designer Philip Star's hotels hotels became a trend. Use unique designs to build their hotels. And now, it has become its unique industry, complete with unique features and features.

Here's some more important people.

The difference between size is the

shop hotel is generally considered small, but they are not in the same category as bed and breakfast hotels or homes which are less than 10 rooms. The shops of the hotel can have up to 150 rooms, which will compare you with more channel hotels.

However, this is at a conflicting scale that creates a home-like rich with peace and privacy. These comfortable features are often a "living place" where guests can sit and chat with each other. Since the

personality bidding volume

, the hotel shops are freely owned and are not connected to any major channel, they are branded themselves. They have a specific connection with them that separates them from others. This is the absence of the solution of their unique personality and cookie cutter that looks for guests fresh