Five best hotels in New York

Abuse with excitement, New York is the business for the end of a week or for a long time. The best way has been done, there are five best hotels to see from the city.

Four Seasons New York

Simple 4-star Hotel New York offers simple beauty on a comfortable basis to find a busy city. Located near the southern part of the central park between Park Avon and Madison Avenue, the bank is running a disturbing distance of over-the-counter and trophies at the hotel's special Punch avenue. For a memorable meal, the hotel's meal dining option, a table of books at the El Carrier de Jaleel Robin, where you can take the night from the tasting menu, you can not decide that What to do with a lot.

New York Palace Hotel

The part of the Davistster collection looks beautiful at Madtown Mainton in the New York Palace Hotel. More than Madison Avenue, 55 stories are near the troubled booty of Tower Fifth Avenue, close to the theater and top rock rock consultation deck on the Broadway on the Rodfeller Center. The top tip hotel is to use the proper home service. For the first time, first of all, based on service to drop down within 20 blocks of the hotel, it is a very good find in a city that is seen from the underground at the best place.

Trum Soho Hotel

Starting like a rocket from the city's screen line, Trump Soho Hotel not only offers its surroundings for the night, but there are also views of the best wow element during the Manhattan screen line. Situated on the spring street, where the Environmental Soho meets the vibrant TriBeCa and Western Village, this luxury hotel in New York is located on a wonderful occasion, to discover the best of New York. With 391 guest rooms. 46 stories, a deluxe spa and a pool deck bar, this is a special tramp card.

Madison Oriental, New York

Luxury luxury hotel sticks with luxury luxury, Modern Oriental Hotel have a mutual fire winner and their New York offer is not different. Avoiding the main park and city panorama, this 5-star hotel is on the money when it comes to the location. This green greenhouse center in the southwest of the central park is one step on the road for everyone looking for New Jersey. For Shopaholics, the fifth avenue is a 10-minute minute and the bride light's lightweight and time screws are a simple tool. The Hotel Restaurant offers mouth water views on the Etate Dinner.

Gramercy Park

The bohemian offer on Lexington Avenue adds extraordinary and seriously rich dimensions to create a fascinating and unique place to make the New York Luxury Hotel Germacco Park. Morocco tiles, handmade rugs, and hand-drawn italian fireplane walls are ready to decorate walls, gourmet greeds are amazingly comfortable with velvet fabric. Once meeting Bohemia High Society, Hamri Bargarat was getting married here and others came to stay there. Each room is different with its unique layout, color palette and a special set of art. For drinks with a difference, rose under the candle light and chip on a casino in the jay bar. Kerry will be proud of it.