Inner Treasures in Cuba Hotel

28 November
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"This is just a man capable of man, which he is written with his own work"

Jose Martie

was more interested in the passenger who is an artist and is living with his own own art paragraph instead of living in hotels. As a hungry through several Cuba hotels, the beautiful art floods the eyes with their greatness and integrity.

Nacional de Cuba is a well-known hotel, which protects architectural and decorative greatness, which has arrested its colleagues for more than seven decades. Announced "National Memorandum" to announce its population in 1988, it includes 426 rooms, amazing pools and modern conveniences, this hotel shows some great value including an oil renovation by Enrique Domingo Ramos. Is.

The property is loaded with columns and arcis that show artificial singles and single-cylindrical designs with Art Deco. Some rooms are still the original floor, bed frames and furniture that are in 1930. Actually there is a historic destination where many celebrities left their presence, such as A Guardian, Johnny Weissler and Bol de Navy.

When "Al Waddo" roots around the 23-l arm corner in the district, there is always a art work that catches attention. This is a fantastic wall painting by Amelia Packel on the face of Cannon Habana Libre Hotel (former Havana Hilton). In the Phase Fiction, these facilities include a wide range of contemporary Cuba art in houses, a statue of church lawn, lobby and paintings, such as renowned artists such as Ren Puerto Rico, Mariano Rodriguez, Sérudo Cabra, and Alfredo Sousabero.

Since 2007, this modern hotel has included a wall of panels by the artists of the "Somos-La-Pole Life Project", which is a beautiful fesco, which was placed in the lobby. He performed artists as Nelson Domingues, Lane and Le Domingues Fung, Steven, and Alberto Lilleva, Ever Phonica, Ernesto Garcia Piana, Adordo Roka, Juan Norra, Joyce Norra, Elias Leal, Javier Guerrera, Sanderson Gonzés, Manuelova Comes. , Hermenio Escalona, ​​Vicente R Bonachea, Cake Wong, Enrique de la Usé, Raleigh Perez Alonso, Eduardo Abella and Mayito Gonzalez.

In Hana's hotels, Habana Ravera also works valuable for art. Located near the Hunen Sea's wall (Nucon), this hotel's Hotel Hotel is a wonderful building structure. Great Florencio Gelabert was sculptured and sculptured by Domeo, and was also the interior wall painting by Lopez Dirube, Witch lives as the artistic heritage of the hotel.

Maliya Kohha iba Hotel has also worked with Cuba's best contemporary artists. This luxury facility is recognized for its prestigious decoration, including the famous Painter Flora Phong, Lopez Olive and Zeddie del Rio.

If you find an environment of stability in your Cuban Hotel's choice, Old Hana Hotel is fine that claims a classic environment and a rich cultural heritage. In this Cuban floor, art lovers are able to enjoy charming populations, colonial and excellent architecture and fusion of diverse styles of its buildings.

Seella Hotel is one of the residences that has preserved a valuable artistic heritage. Historically interested guests will be happy at this facility, because it is one of the oldest hotels in Haiti (this has been built in March of March 2008), its large, wide lobby and classic layout in the rooms. Is featured.

This traditional and classical property really shows in the Spanish environment, which can be appreciated by hotel because the hotel has various architectural and decorative elements of the remarkable Medar's influence. The passenger will notice it immediately after catching a glimpse of his complex face. The image of "Aldan" from the jacuzzi statue and Ramos Marenazz has some of the artistic features of the hotel.

On the other hand, the English Quarter, which opens in 1875, is one of the city's most ancient hotels and is a good example of hotels in Cuba, which is linked to art arts. Due to its safety, the relationship with history and national culture, was announced in the 1981 English National Monument. Passengers will need a part of Cuba's heritage within this facility.

You will be interested in various architectural styles and design competitions. The building has a beautiful occupational fake while the interior decoration stabilizes during a stabilization tour. In the vacant spaces, this city and its peak trend is confirmed with gorgeous stained glass windows, colorful mosaics, Spanish heroes, window girls, and lavish jewelery roofs. There is also an elegant statue called "La Salvador", which is a symbol of Spanish woman Dancer and collective wall paintings. Plus, if you stay there, you know that Cuban's artists have designed every 3-month menu of this hotel.

Chelsea Hotel London - Stay with the local people

24 November
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One of the most pleasant times in my life was in London. There (during 1996 - 2003), I repeatedly watched many hotels because some of the smartest bars and the best restaurants are located in them. It was a great fun and now when I come back for a visit, I know where to live - Chelsea Hotel London!

One of my favorite phrases used in London is "Smart Casual". Nothing can be understood. London hotels have always enjoyed a comfortable and modern state and today it is not the least truth. But to choose where to stay, with over 70 to three star hotel rooms. Travel costs are available, which will be told to you about the various areas of London and will be based on the location of tourist places - with your budget in your local budget. It's not that I'll tell you about this article. Instead. In reviewing this London hotel, I want to tell you about smart comfortable hotels - where you are going to find a good meal - a wonderful cocktail - beautiful accommodation and service - and possibly something The deal is also going on in business!

Smart comfortable sets almost everyone lives in Chelsea or South Kensington. There are some exceptions. For example, you will find a suitable area in Knightsbridge or Notting Hill. Belivia is a treasure for some serious expensive homes, while Palimico is a pleasant diverse. There is also one of the Americans in the Holland Park area. Basically however, everything moves around the Chelsea set. One can stay out of those areas, but if you want to meet, there's nothing like there! In mind with this, here is my first series in my Chelsea Hotel London!

Draycott Hotel 26 Cadogan Gardens London SW3 2RP

Dracotype is really a mini If you like the traditional British 19th century, it's for you. Room and decoration Novelty Victoria is true during England. Authentic ancient things mix well with contemporary amenities. Hotel is close to Sloven Square and King Road. Congratulations from the squares around London and the Cordon Gardens have no exception. The rooms are nice and comfortable and the suites are also their own kitchens. If you get a room at the back of the house, there will be a wonderful idea about ignoring your gardens. For us, you will be glad to know that this is a fully air conditioner (and not in many old hotels in London!). In winter, fire extinguishers are equipped with gas and are fully operational. Talk about the environment! The 5 5 star hotel, Dracotype received the overall satisfaction of 5.0.

Wandham London Chelsea Harbor London SW10 0XG Wonderful

Grand is a beautiful hotel and if you want to live on the river (Thames-announced Tolo), and still a Chelsea hotel in London, this is for you. But be sure exactly where you want to stay because Chelsea Harbor is away from the removal route. The close stop is not close. You will have to trust the tax or public bus service (C3 bus runs between Abral Court Tube and Kampam J. through every minute. 11 and 22 buses run by Shah Shah from Sailan Square and west end every 7 minutes You can get on the bus bus road bus road). The hotel will also provide transportation and arrange a river taxi.

On the positive side, however, Chelsea Harbor is a beautiful place in itself. You can sit and chop on a cocktail and watch the jobs inside and out (when the inside of the wave - Thomas is a private river) or stumbling with the banks of the river. The Chelsea also hostes the Harbor Design Design Center, which is a combination of interior decoration equipment and service offices and showrooms. There are also cafés and restaurants on the site and a fitness club. Wonderm Grand is a suite, five star hotel. The service and accommodation are the first class and there is a great selection for business in the city (instead of "City") or organizing conferences. He has the first rate conference center with audio visual conferencing at two levels. They are near Earls Court and the main exhibition centers in the Olympia.

Black London 33 Rolland Gardens London SW7 3 PF

All of my favorite time is favorite. It is located in the heart of Chelsea between the Fulham and the old Burminton road. In fact, it is surrounded by Victoria - now the most converted flat. It intends to be in every center. South Kensington and Glucose Road (clear words) tube stops are running away and taxes are too high. There are excellent restaurants and shops everywhere.

New York Hotel

20 November
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New York is one of the world's richest and most popular cities. New York is famous for making New York Stock Exchange, Sculpture Liberty, Entrance Technology and Microchip, its grapes, its cut diamonds, and its gardens. New York's overall state-owned products are more than $ 1 million. It is said that if New York was its autonomous country, it would be the 16th largest economy in the world. New York is an emerging city and one of Times Square New York's most popular places. Private York's annual per capita income is more than $ 46,000. So, most of the people living in New York are a lot of people who live in city gates only. The New York hotels are fascinating, positioned, exquisite and noble like other institutions in New York.

Tourist focus in New York

As New York is the United States and the world's leading financial and commercial center, many business travelers and women often travel in New York. The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) is the world's largest stock exchange, a new trading center in New York, USA and the world. Many multi-purpose companies and capital bank headquarters are located in New York. The New York Hotel offers excellent accommodation on all corporate managers as well as tourists visiting New York. New York has a large tourist center and is discarded from holidays worldwide. The Empire of the Empire, the American Museum of Nature, the Museum of Modern Art, Broadway, The Lincoln Center of the Performing Arts, the Madison Square Garden, the World Finance Center, the New World Trade Center, the Hudson River, the Carnegie Hall, the Central Park, the Statue Liberty, the Queens Zoo Rockfeller Center, Wall Street, etc. are some of the many tourist destinations in New York.

Different types of different areas of New York Hotel and New York

There are many numbers in New York's hotels. New York hotels can be widely distributed in New York hotels, shop New York hotels, airport hotels and cheap New York hotels. Hotel New York meets the needs of travelers. However, most of New York's most popular hotels have paid much money to their guests. Even the prices of cheap New York hotels have to be asked, which are prohibiting. Besides Manhattan Broadway and Times Square, one of New York's most expensive places. In Manhattan, Chinatown is a popular home for Asian immigrants. Manhattan is also the favorite of all tourists in the city. Brooklyn is one of the cheapest areas in New York, in addition to ghetto areas, which is populated by the African American population of New York. Nec lem is the second area of ​​New York, where the city's largest American population remains a major part of the city.

Because of this, New York hotels are never near the occupation, because New York is a very well connected city. New York is serving underground railway system and four suburban railway tracks. John F. Kennedy International Airport is the city's main airport. Many New York hotels have fallen into various New York hotels, so hotels guest easily facilitates tourism without traveling to travel, without boarding buses or long distance automobiles. Can go for

Conference facilities at luxury and shop New York hotels

Best New York's best and most valuable hotels, Waldorf Austria, Four Seasons Hotel, Carrie, Final, New York Palace, Elix, Trump International, etc. Carlie Little New York Hotel, a charming and charming world. It includes a temporary sample on the Madison Avenue and is ranked as one of the best hotels in New York. The hotel has 4,033 square feet and conference space. One of New York's biggest hotels, Carrie has a bed in the art deck style. The hotel terrace is beautifully pulled out. Carrie Vietts is a huge and impressive disconnected and conference hall, entratcher and suite. It is one of the few New York hotels, which is ideal for boarding battles, symposiums, seminars, conferences, later nights, weddings, dancing and parties.

If Carlyle is looking, Waldorf Austria is outstanding. Waldorf Austria is one of the New York hotels that shifts you to this era when the victims escorted women from village to Bevich Landland, long-lived in the village when people still have the Victoria style drawing room I see British behavior and customs. New world The hotel is adulterated

10 hotels above the dairy

12 November
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Belfast country is
a 4-star hotel in 10 to 15 minutes outside Darriott on the Belfast country on The Daily Road. This wonderful Irish is quite out of the city to benefit from rural areas, but it is very close to reaching out to the drug facilities (to provide you with a transport). In both its appearance and the heat and the atmosphere, there is a home and a look at the house's house. Belfast country is opposite the central city center. Rather, this is far from a home house. Rooms are well-appointed and modern and have a selection of dining options, including beds and restaurants. There is also a popular choice for weddings and business functions. However, the important thing is that how visitors see the country of the country. The answer to this question is very high - 97 percent of the visitors' rate is considered as "best" or "very good".

Everglades Hotel
The Everglades Hotel is a four-star hotel rating of 82% of the highest guest rating. It is located in the flexible environment to ignore the river Foyle in just one place outside the city center. That's why it's cool because it's light and light away from Dairy. However, taxi at the city center will cost only a few pounds. The Everglades Hotel's bedrooms are comfortable and four-star UK hotels have all the amenities. Evergreen lounge, bars and lobby areas are also very comfortable. The food is served in the bar, but you can also choose a meal at the superb restaurant which is a favorite of many dairy locals. There is also a restaurant where you will serve breakfast. Many choices are available, but look for traditional Irish options, including cream and including picnic with Irish vaccine, the best way to start your day.

City Hotel
The city hotel is located in the heart of the city center. This river is on foliage and has wonderful views on the famous bridges of the river and Dairy. On the occasion, some tourists' interest is also within a few minutes from shops and restaurants. And although it occupies the city center, it still has enough parking. While everything is near to offer Derry, it's not really necessary to leave the hotel. Thomson's restaurant is an excellent place for cooking and the hotel's bar is ideal for just sitting and relaxing. City Hotel is a four-star resort with approximately 150 rooms and suites, high rooms and standard rooms. Four passenger rates three out of town city "best" or "very good". Finally, City Hotel has a fitness suite which includes swimming pools, jacuzzi and gym.

Waterfall Hotel
The Waterfront Hotel is a stylish three-star hotel in the suburbs of Drery. It lies near the Bridge Bridge, on the edge of the river Foyle, on the city's widespread. The views on the river are beautiful and the location itself is quiet and peaceful. However, it is not far from the city center, either runs a small drive on the road bridge or 25-30 minutes on a new and affected peace factory. Drery Airport is only 5 to 10 minutes from the city car. Three out of two passengers are referred to as "Best" or "Great" at the Waterfront Hotel. Repeats almost every restaurant every time - both are stunning. WiFi is available throughout the hotel and has plenty of car parking. The rooms are well-appointed with flat-screen television, pants press and tea / coffee making facilities like amenities.

Travelodge Derry
Travelodge Derry is a budget hotel that offers great value for money. The center of this city center is ideal for those who need to live in a desert, but they want to do so at affordable prices. The train station runs 10 to 15 minutes by the new peace bridge. Drery bus station is also a short drive away, such as drug facilities, tourist attractions like Derriver Wales. Nearby restaurants, bars, cafés and shops are nearby. Twins and double rooms are basic, but are clean and comfortable. Everyone has a television and coffee maker. Travelodge Derry is once and is available throughout WiFi. There is no parking on the site so that if you are taking a car, you must park in a nearby public car park. While Travelogue Dairy will not appeal to all the passengers, its low cost and simple but clean facilities will be the best choice for many.

The Bible Hill House House Hotel
is a beautiful country hotel in the suburbs of Heil Country House Hotel. It is a favorite of the locals and hosts many of the drury couple on weddings. It is a magnificent Georgian building which is set up in the rolling lawn and gardens. Although it's only 2 miles from the city center, it has a feeling of rural areas. About 80 percent of the Bible's guests offer Hill Hill House Hotel as "stunning" or "very good". Leo is included in a range of facilities at the site

You ever wanted to know about the shop hotel

08 November
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The resort is one of the oldest enterprises in this world. People around it have started traveling from one place to another for trade and other purposes. It was needed at the time (rest and shelter during long travel) soon turned into an industry that offered comfort, convenience, even luxury to its boards. For example, the Greeks made a thermal bath which allowed their guests to relax and relax. The Romans built the construction of palaces for passengers, while caravanassresses with China's famous Silk Road offered China to China, not just men but also their animals.

In the 21st Century, the hotels have developed in a pleasant business, which has become an incredible part of the travel industry. Features the characteristics of the naked bare young hosts with the characteristics of the styles, and the extent of the most hosted haven resorts in foreign countries around the country.

However, as competition occurred and the hotels started offering standard services in China, the market needed a modern thing. People tired of extraordinary services are moving towards smaller hotels who offer personal attention and unique experiences.

And that's why the guest industry shop - Botak Hotel was born. Today, they are the most wanted after casual travelers and specialty final names. Most people choose to live in the botch hotels, because they are always always a good time to guarantee and get a great value for their money.

He enjoys popularity, it boasts great booth hotels in the exciting history and appreciates their evolution over time.

Shop Hotel Date

Initially appeared in the hotel's early shops in the early 1980s, the first of which is the first blueprint hotel in San Francisco, Band Fordfass, in two South Kensington, London, and Union Square. The 'Botak Hotel' term, though, was published many in 1984, according to Steve Robel. In his small shop, in demand of his stay of the Moragens Hotel, clearly demanded his exposure to highlight his property and separated it from other hotels in which agriculture was stored everywhere.

Do not say that the shop hotel is a modern invention. Many documentary documents of similar back-to-day experiences in the 13th century are available when visitors to Mongolia and China will be set up.

Here are a few examples of hotels in a variety of shops that were popular in days.

In 1705, Seser R. It opened a shop hotel in Place Vermom, which praised them with King Edward VII, who called them "King of Kings of Hotel Hotels and Hotels."
In 1822, Ventist Artist Jumppe Robo replaced an old castle into a beautiful hotel and called it "El Robo".
In 1880, the entire hotel in Lake George (State of New York) became the first to become the electricity supplier in all of its guest rooms, in those days, no less lightweight among visitors.
In 1900, Edward Anmermanes, known as 'Masonry's Palace', changed the Emperor Napoleon III summer's residence - Villa "Agnnne - in a beautiful and eighth hotel."
In 1919, Barcelona has one The stylish hotel is opened, which is equipped with hot and cold water in its bathrooms.
As you can see, there are many opportunities in the history of the establishment of the industry when the hotels applied the creativity and before offering the highest offer services to compete and offer extraordinary opportunities for their visitors. Are there
21st Century Shop Hotel - The characteristics of the

'Botak Hotel' are used today to define the features that small organizations should be described with about 150 rooms. They are part of private property or a small group of hotels, and these are famous for the best known, memorable and, times, beautiful design themes. The Hotel Air Schrager and the French designer Philip Star's hotels hotels became a trend. Use unique designs to build their hotels. And now, it has become its unique industry, complete with unique features and features.

Here's some more important people.

The difference between size is the

shop hotel is generally considered small, but they are not in the same category as bed and breakfast hotels or homes which are less than 10 rooms. The shops of the hotel can have up to 150 rooms, which will compare you with more channel hotels.

However, this is at a conflicting scale that creates a home-like rich with peace and privacy. These comfortable features are often a "living place" where guests can sit and chat with each other. Since the

personality bidding volume

, the hotel shops are freely owned and are not connected to any major channel, they are branded themselves. They have a specific connection with them that separates them from others. This is the absence of the solution of their unique personality and cookie cutter that looks for guests fresh

Destroy Travel - Westston Book Cadillac Hotel - Legendary luxury has arisen

03 November
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One of the main reasons for the ditroot was this wonderful architecture, which had to offer this city. Durrott celebrated his half-day at the beginning of the 20th century when the automobile industry was closed, and the car was available for the people of the job. The Witnesses of this Boom have many wonderful historical sculptures in Dotroot, especially for the 1920s, buildings which have still defined the most recognized scales in the world.

It is obvious that the Great Depression of 1930 ended the passionate construction activities, but on that day there is a large set of dotrock architectural treasures. One of the most famously known signals is the former book Cadillac Hotel, in which its inaugural ceremony took place in 1924, Dotroot was the largest hotel worldwide.

The Book Cadillac was developed by three brothers who intended to change Washington Blvd into "West's fifth event". He designed the prestigious dotroot artist Louis Comper to build the property of his hotel to commemorate the first Cadillac Hotel, which was built on 1885 property. With its big hotel, this great hotel opened in 1924, 1,136 State Guest Room, Book Cadillac Hotel, was the most luxurious and comfortable property of Dastroot for many years. The first five floors of the original book Cadillac were three balls, a wide lobby and retail stores on the ground floor. Even a radio station was located at the top floor.

Finally, in 1931, due to the great depression financial crisis, the book Brothers lost control of the property, and was then run by the National Hotel Management Company. Lu Gaug of May 1939, the famous famous Basinman, New York Yankees, crashed in the hotel's big staircase. He took himself out of line line, which defeated his game 2,130 continuous games. After the course, he was diagnosed with ALS, the incredible backgrounds of background, which was also known as Lou Gehrig's disease.

The script of "Frank State" of Frank Frank's 1947, hit Catherine Hippenburg and Spinner Tracy, making references to Book Cadillac. Although the film was filmed on a set, a film in front of the original front door was published in the movie. For many years, many other celebrities stay in the hotel, including Alice Presley, Frank Sinatra and President of Semi Davis Junior, Franklin D. Roswell, John F. Kennedy, Harry S. Truman, Ronald Reagan and Herbert Hover during the night spent the night spent the property. Dr. Martin Luther King spent a night here in 1968, before he was a killer.

Since 1950, the book was owned by Cadillac Sherren, who eventually sold in the hotel in 1975. This period was particularly tough with this historical property because the furniture and paint schemes had changed and the large marble stairs came out and changed through the screen. The hotel's name was converted to Sheratin Cadillac as the book Brothers' name was completely missing.

After 1967, the Detroit riot, lost the tourism in the city and many businesses were closed. Many of the historic historic historic Dustroots could not survive and were shuttered. These are the lucky Fort Fort Shelby Hotel, Hotel Styler and the Hotel Tower. Cadillac benefited shortly because he made some channels and other pieces of Statler Hotel pieces. "The Durot 9000", a religious film produced in 1974, highlighted this period of this hotel.

Sherat finally sold the owner of the New York Hotel, the hotel, who had renamed Dotroot Cadillac, sold the hotel to Herbert Websberg. After its preparation, the property changed hands in the Red Crescent China which has restored many failures. After several additional sales, the hotel was converted into the mixed used property during the 1980s, including office space. In 1984 he closed his doors to restore but did not reopen after planning due to economic problems. Almost all hotel content was sold at fire sales prices, including real books Cadelcel China, bed, lens and other items.

As a matter of fact, the book Cadillac became a Turkmen property and over time became vandalism and civil squad. Initially, a security guard had protected the property from 1986 to 1997, but after removing the guard, the first exquisite hotel was destroyed, and many architectural details were stolen or destroyed. The cemetery was hid in all possession, historical plaster was destroyed and the entire interior was in brightness.

Keldelk, a historical book near Dastroot, was a former shadow of his own, until the Cleveland-based Frechile group took on this historic hotel and decided to build it down from above. With a cost of around $ 200 million, the historical book Cadillac has become the property of Westston Hotel, which includes 67 console houses on high floors.