Five best hotels in New York

21 January
Abuse with excitement, New York is the business for the end of a week or for a long time. The best way has been done, there are five best hotels to see from the city.

Four Seasons New York

Simple 4-star Hotel New York offers simple beauty on a comfortable basis to find a busy city. Located near the southern part of the central park between Park Avon and Madison Avenue, the bank is running a disturbing distance of over-the-counter and trophies at the hotel's special Punch avenue. For a memorable meal, the hotel's meal dining option, a table of books at the El Carrier de Jaleel Robin, where you can take the night from the tasting menu, you can not decide that What to do with a lot.

New York Palace Hotel

The part of the Davistster collection looks beautiful at Madtown Mainton in the New York Palace Hotel. More than Madison Avenue, 55 stories are near the troubled booty of Tower Fifth Avenue, close to the theater and top rock rock consultation deck on the Broadway on the Rodfeller Center. The top tip hotel is to use the proper home service. For the first time, first of all, based on service to drop down within 20 blocks of the hotel, it is a very good find in a city that is seen from the underground at the best place.

Trum Soho Hotel

Starting like a rocket from the city's screen line, Trump Soho Hotel not only offers its surroundings for the night, but there are also views of the best wow element during the Manhattan screen line. Situated on the spring street, where the Environmental Soho meets the vibrant TriBeCa and Western Village, this luxury hotel in New York is located on a wonderful occasion, to discover the best of New York. With 391 guest rooms. 46 stories, a deluxe spa and a pool deck bar, this is a special tramp card.

Madison Oriental, New York

Luxury luxury hotel sticks with luxury luxury, Modern Oriental Hotel have a mutual fire winner and their New York offer is not different. Avoiding the main park and city panorama, this 5-star hotel is on the money when it comes to the location. This green greenhouse center in the southwest of the central park is one step on the road for everyone looking for New Jersey. For Shopaholics, the fifth avenue is a 10-minute minute and the bride light's lightweight and time screws are a simple tool. The Hotel Restaurant offers mouth water views on the Etate Dinner.

Gramercy Park

The bohemian offer on Lexington Avenue adds extraordinary and seriously rich dimensions to create a fascinating and unique place to make the New York Luxury Hotel Germacco Park. Morocco tiles, handmade rugs, and hand-drawn italian fireplane walls are ready to decorate walls, gourmet greeds are amazingly comfortable with velvet fabric. Once meeting Bohemia High Society, Hamri Bargarat was getting married here and others came to stay there. Each room is different with its unique layout, color palette and a special set of art. For drinks with a difference, rose under the candle light and chip on a casino in the jay bar. Kerry will be proud of it.

Pomouth City Guide, including Palmouth Hotel

18 January
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There is an active regional capital of Plovdo de Don and Cornwall. It's a stable modern city, with a historical smart port and holiday center. When you want to avoid lightweight and want to find a little bit of peace and quiet, Pilmouth is about to start a perfect place. With a unique waterfall environment and its spirit of the sea, Plateau Milo has added great local and international cuisine, wonderful entertainment and all seasonal activities throughout the year.

Places of Interest:

The plate is to do Mooo around and for all ages. A great place to start is Plymouth Dome, where you will learn the city's history. Then you can find Victoria Crown Hall's fortress, with great cannon, underground tunnels, ramps, bars and a large dry mate. State unusual national marine aquarium is one of the main tourist destinations in the country, or you can enjoy one of the focus on other indoor, such as ten-pin bowling, laser sports, ice skating or even an inner beach Pavilions entertainment. Pool.

Merchant House is that you can learn everything about trading which plays an important part in the history of pastomoth.

The Pomouth Dom sat in front of the Plummouth Hao, ignoring the Great Natural Port of Plasmaau. This high-tech interactive visitor at the Hao takes you on an unusual journey through the exciting history of this great city.

The National Marine Aquarium offers an amazing experience, where you are taken through an unforgettable journey through the sea of ​​the world. You will face wonderful colorful fish, delicate fronts and terrible Caribbean sharks.

The Promouth City Museum and the Art Gallery, the interesting combination, the first rate services and exciting special events is to enjoy and enjoy. City art combinations include a nationally nominated Cottonian collection, or you can experience that People's people do pleasure in exhibiting social history.

You have an important port port for your visit. This is a sea treasure tower. Where is this, where Deck and Rally once gave birth to an anchor, and today you can find a great community of expert shops, restaurants, cafés and globally, in the setting of all the rugged port.

things to do:

Palmouth is that the beach and the rural areas are at the door to discover you. You can travel on the mountainous mountain park on Mount Cremasse and mountainous Tigers, or at the home of Sir Cookham's great kitchen, Buckland Aby, home at Sir Francis Drake, or once in the 20th Century Lutensen Castle Dragogo. A train ride on the Valley or Southwest Railway, is a comfortable way to enjoy a beautiful way through the beautiful beautiful village or the river of river or on the left but if you encourage you to sink there Or there are adventure parts in Woodland. Offer sacrifices and spread The Water Front enables modern art with fantastic views for a cheaper travel.

Mount Edigueb House is the former home of Mount Isaac's arc. Set in Canada Gardens in the grade inside the 865 acres country park. It has been restored in the 18th century, with the status of furniture and family treasury. Features include painting by Sir Joshua Reynolds, Gerard Adamheim and William van der Welde, Irish Bronze Age Horn, 16th Century Tape System and 18th Century Chinese and Pimmon Chinese Chinese. Country Park was the oldest waterfall park in the village of Wallwall, and has included gardens and fifty five other-grade structures in this grade.
Buckland Abi was actually a small but influential kindergarten. Home, riches of Sir Francis Drake and its smart competitors, including the remains of the 13th Century Bread Church, are Sir Associated Grenol. Take a journey to discover the 13th century Buckland Ackey and enjoy the story of this medieval monastery, which was uniquely converted to Tourore's home. You can also find out about the legendary life of Sir Frances Drac, his

mentor and the story of Armada, is King Kjj Kogarki Museum, where you can discover Kingborg's stories in the 17th century school room. There is also a complete walk in Victoria Kitchen, Edward Pharmacy and a large farm gallery.

Buffet Abbey is a living room in the beautiful Dart Valley. There is a wonderful water church, comfortable gardens and three extraordinary shops sold from buffet and other European auctions.

Food and drinks:

When the sun comes down, it is time for light to light. It is international cuisine or traditional cooking, fine wine or realty

Costa Rica Cheap Hotels

14 January
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I have a passion for traveling on Costa Rica and to spend less money for a great holiday. We are at the time where our most important contribution to saving money is the most important part. I can show how limited Costa Rica is to go and still have a wonderful time. Here are some things you can experience when traveling in Costa Rican.

I have stayed in many different hotels in Costa Rican and I would like to share with you.

When traveling to a foreign country, it is difficult to choose a hotel that is safe for your family and provide your best budget options.

I have done all the work so you can relax and enjoy your holiday.

I am based on hotels on my results that my groups have agreed to see exactly holiday. My chosen hotels are suitable for all age groups. Before choosing to select those hotels, I would like to talk to you about Costa Rica on your first arrival.

If you are addicted to living in Costa Rica in America, there is a bit of cultural shock, which will soon breathe ideas of some beautiful nature of the world.

Depending on the arrival of your flight, after 12 noon, the best option to stay in Algeria is. It is very close to the Galilee Airport and offers different rates of hotels, which is to fit every budget.

I want to take some sites before raining for rain for people, I analyze that in the part of the alumni center.

Hotel Villa Bonta is my favorite choice.

It is a beautiful B & B that is located in the area about 10 minutes from the airport, which is suitable for explorers.

This hotel owns a beautiful Costa Rican family, which includes a lot of experience in Costa Rican. This hotel is a wonderful breakfast, which is included in the price. There is a small room where you can relax and relax your favorite drinks.

From this hotel, a center can walk in central and spend some time, which focuses on its daily activity. Coco is a Costa Rican person's name.

There are Churches, Parks, Restaurants, Theaters, Shops, Pharmacy, Bazar and many in this area; this is a great experience to know different cultures. There is also a little nightlife for people who are looking for a little fun. Everything can be found within the walking distance, though the taxi is preferred on the go out of the night. As we all know, there is no safe place, just a few more secure than others. I choose Al Jola to visit San Jose.

For those groups who want to visit poses oxygen and enough plants, I tell you that you travel to the hill, which is about 30 minutes from the airport.

Hotel Banana Vista is my favorite choice.

This hotel is located on beautiful coffee plant. With a wonderful view of the surrounding mountains, the book is a good pool area to relax and read the book.

There is a natural way to grow through the plants where someone can see different types of plants. It is seen during the day and night of the breathing day, it has a view of the thousands of lightweight sunshine valley. It's a fantastic look.

Positive volcano is located near this hotel. This fireworks is a crater with emerging gases. After a volcanic tour, increase the water levels and visit a butterfly farm is a very pleasant experience. While visiting Butterfly Farm, one is taken from the beginning of the eggs butterflies of many different species. This is a real learning experience. Many butterflies will fly around this connected area. All children really love it and adults.

This adventures take a day to complete. Here you will be surrounded by the most beautiful nature.
While visiting the Hotel Bena Vista yet, I have visited a beautiful botanical rebel Alice Container. These gardens are about 1/2 1/2 hours of travel by public bus or taxi.

There is also a coffee plant in this area. It is a very interesting tour that takes you from a coffee-free tree, where beans are eaten, dry and ruined. Here we can have plenty of different types of flavor. For enough lover, it's great!

The hotel Buena continues from Vista to 2 km from the north of La Fortuna's village. This area is my favorite. A person can travel for a private van for $ 39.00. Hotel staff can help you. This route takes you to the most beautiful hills. For those with motion disease problems, please take your medicine.
When arriving at La Fortuna, the beautiful fireworks Arnal will congratulate you. If they do not cover the clouds, you will be able to see it inactive. She is so big that this little village can see it.

Hotel Salella in Old Havana

07 January
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Did you think about sleeping in a room where Al Qaeda Captain slept or where, then a few minutes later, did the other mafia's role, like the Santo Traffic? Or once in a single room, Joseph Bakker is used by Amario Argentine and Liberty Lamark? ¿Lola Florors, Tongolul, Tin Tian, ​​Perez Purdo? Hugo del Carl ¿or George Negro? Pantter David Alfalfo Saccessor and Chess Icon Jose Rawalpindi ...?

All of these possibilities are located in the Sailila Hotel, one of the oldest hotels in Cuba. This is where a "human in our human being" is part of the story, one of Graham Green's famous novels. Anyone who was the guest of this hotel. So Georges Simonon, Inspector of the Famous Personality Inspector Maggar, and Ernst Haiming were creators of Literature novel. The Enrico Carrassa and Robin three were living in the hotel on their way through Havana, such as Mary Penford, on which the hotel dedicated a cocktail, which is still a sign of the institution.

Thanks to the famous facilities, using its facilities, is a hotel with a slavery. He and he already completed 100 years of service. It was the first luxury hotel in the island, and today, four star-type hotels due to its rest and its improvement, this still in the choice of favorite hotels for a pleasant holiday in Cuba. Is ranked This elegant architecture contributes to its priorities, which uses the gate of the Pto de la Loon in Alberta, along with the promotion of Arcas, Columns and Mosques in Grana, Andlandoisia. And its best place, after Poseau del Prado and a few meters from the Malacon of Havana, at the historic center of the historic center, and the famous museum and a great bar and a few stages in Cuba.

Hotel Salella in Old Havana. The hotel passed through its foundations several steps. Sevilla Hotel was inaugurated in 1908. If you get a glimpse of the image of its main face, you can feel that its real owner was a Spanish man with a Gonzész name. This person later sold a US company to the hotel, which he sold it to the US Capital Bettermo Company. Americans always know how to make the most profitable business, and to try tourism development in the island of the second century, they have tried to promote their facilities.

He built a 10-story building with a hotel Hotel Plaza with its face of Pizzo del Pedro. First of all, it was to accommodate a hospital in this building, but it was never opened because owners from the city hall of the Hall, declared an area as a quiet area, in obtaining an essential status for establishing a medical institution. Had difficulties. The American company then joined the hotel in the new building and reopened as the Sevilla Blater Hotel in 1924. For this reason, even today, there are two styles in the hotel's creative aspect, an attractive old style which can be seen on the street Trocadero, and is a modern modern who sees Paseo del Prado.

The hotel enjoyed tourism boom at the time, as we said in the first article, it was supported by national and international conditions, in which the hotel plaza hired another hotel in Havana at this time. Benefited because their owners hipopodom and national casino.

Cuban was a paradise for exposing his fate in the gambling and bouting, for the prime minister interested in a fun and fun, but according to the time passengers, some of the features of Cuban idiosyncrasy could be the tourist boom Are there In a book related to our "tourist places": "When there is a time to play in Cuba" (A La Hôtel de Cocht an Cuba), its author Basalone made these freedoms for potential travelers: "You can drink All you want is, try your fortune in the lottery and lose what you think it's fairly fit. There is no need to get a wedding certificate in Hannah if a traveler and a visitor is beautiful. Cuban women might be anxious looking at Cuba is a definition and not a crime. "

In 1939, the Sailila Hotel Italy Bitteie, the Yugulist of Italian-born, was the head of one of the four families of the Hanifa Mafia Empire. They converted the hotel from Havana's gambling till pillow until 1956.

In the same year, with the success of a revolutionary movement in January, Don Emily, who controlled heroin's traffic in the US, left her hotel on the day of resurrection at the Embassy of Uruguay. Many big suits filled with money as their goods. Then, Sililla Hotel was used for local tourism until 1989, when it closed its doors for a large repair, opening it again in 1993, which always featured it.

Las Vegas Hotel - Top 5 The cheapest way to book your hotel room

03 January
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Almost everyone needs a hotel room visiting Las Vegas and there are many ways to get cheap rates during booking. I take them to the effectiveness here, but a little effort to find out which can now help you save a lot of money for your party or later.

1. Deal website

If you are just looking for a hotel room and do not fly then websites find the best place to find cheap rates. You can see the best prices in Los Angeles at Del News or Slickdeals. To find hotels related issues, just search for the "Las Vegas" type and the highest deals found in the search box. I have seen $ 69 a night in Planet Hollywood towers and MMM Grand 3 nights at $ 39. Both matters are very good, so do not refuse to find many issues on the 3rd party website.

2. South-West Vacation Packages

This may be a surprise for people, but if the south-west service is near to you near the nearest airport, you might be able to make it easier. When you are subscribing to both hotels and airports at the same time in your hotel and flight, which means more savings for you. I did not even believe this, because I think you do not have to save more money like most holiday packages. Fortunately, I learned quickly and bought many holiday packages from the southwest, but after that just after finding a better case.

Pro Tip

If you want to stay in Vegas for the end of the week but flexible flights are often cheaper than to leave in the afternoon instead of the sun. You get extra night in the hotel for the least amount! The main reason for this is that Monday's flights are usually cheaper than Sunday flights so you can increase your stay and keep the maximum amount of money you have.


are not the tickets of Southwest holiday packages. This means that they send you your plane's traffic to the mail, and if you lose them you will have to pay for a new flight. This means that you can not check to use your credit card when you arrive at the airport and to save time, you should go through a check-in check.

Example Dell

Hotel: Wayne
Room Type: Resort King
# Nights: 5 (Friday on Tuesday)
# people: 2
flights: San Jose, CA in Las Vegas (straight)
cost: $ 800 total (every person $ 400)
date: June 17, 2010 till June 22, 2010 By 2010,

Visa Visa Hotel is one of the most expensive times to go Vegas for people through Saturday and June. During this week's end, many of the events are going on to nominate Poker, a North American Poker Tour event, and MMA's name around the world. The weekend rate in the van can easily be more than $ 200, and San Jose's flights are about $ 150, so I've got at least 50 percent their usual rates.

3. Cake

Looking for a third-party travel site is the best way to find hotel deals. I prefer cake because it searches for many other websites such as Orbitz and Priceline, but is usually the cheapest rate in Orbers. When you enter your travel dates and enter the price, you want to be the cheapest hotel. If you want a specific hotel cake, there is still a good place to look for low prices and you need to do the hotel name.


1. Hotel rates on cake include estimated tax. This is due to third-party website related tax and fees. Orbitz is directly with their fees, but often twelve other sites are not cake, so you do not assume that you will be charged. Make sure you check the end price on the site that you have chosen to buy.

2. When you book through third-party sites, you have not always guaranteed how much bed will be in your room. If you need two bedrooms, check your hotel's website to make sure you offer two bedrooms, and request a hotel with two bedrooms. After booking a few days after booking. Workers will usually be very happy to help you and it is possible that you will receive two bed after checking.

Pro Tips

1. Orbitz is almost always a promotion code in which you can enter a $ 25 to save $ 25 to save during booking. The best deal I've seen is 15%, but it was only available for 72 hours.

2. The hotel fee is usually based on how many people are living in the room. If you say that you have 2 people living in the room, instead of 3 or 4 o'clock you can save a lot of money.

For example Dell

Hotel: Akalel
Room Type: Tower Room
# Nights: 5 (Friday Friday)
# People: 2
Price: $ 225
Date: May 23, 2008 to May 28, 2008 (Memorial Day End)

This deal is very It's good that Memorial Day was in the weekend. I found the cake agreement, and bought through Orbitz. I also had a $ 75 promotion code for the establishment of a 5-night hotel, which also made the contract better.

4. Twitter

Almost every hotel in Las Vegas strips is a social media employee who tweeted about their latest deals. This means that if you follow every hotel on Twitter, you are bound